School Uniform

At Kippax Ash Tree Primary School we are very proud to have our own school colour which is Red and Navy Blue. We keep a range of sizes in school, of sweatshirts, polo shirts, and hoodies, which carry the Kippax Ash Tree emblem.

Children require the following uniform:

  • Red or Navy Blue Sweat Top 
  • White, Red or Navy Blue Polo Shirt - school badge optional
  • Navy or Black school trousers
  • Navy or Black Skirt or Pinafore Dress
  • Navy Blue Hoodie with school badge – optional
  • Navy Blue or Red Gingham Dress for summertime – optional
  • Black shoes or plain black trainers
  • Book bags, hats and hoodies are also available at the school office.

 The PE Kit consists of:

  • A plain white round necked T-shirt
  • Navy Blue shorts or Navy Blue jogging bottoms
  • Suitable footwear i.e. pumps or training shoes (for Health & Safety reasons, shoes must not be worn)


Children with pierced ears should wear only one pair of stud earrings. Earrings need to be removed for PE or taped over. Necklaces and bracelets should be worn only if they are of religious significance; however they must be removed for PE for Health and Safety reasons. 

The wearing of any type of jewellery can be dangerous for your child as it may catch on apparatus or school equipment. Your co-operation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Paying Online

School uniform can be paid for using our online facility. You will need to obtain a code from the school office then click on this link to make a payment: 


An Important Message about Payment Processes

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What is the impact?

While you will be able to access Tucasi SCO, view the content and perform tasks in the normal way, you will receive an error message and payments will fail to process if you attempt to pay online.

Please be aware this is outside the School's control and we apologise for inconvenience that this may cause. Unfortunately, we will be unable to assist with making payments online using Windows XP & Vista following the 30th April 2018.